A Complete Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017

written By benerg digital marketing agency | April 12, 2017
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Marketing, like relationships, is all about meeting the right people at the right time. With all due respect to the conventional marketers who put in a lot of physical efforts right from the stages of cold calling to closing the deal, Digital Marketing makes life a lot easier.

If you’re planning a marketing strategy for your business, you will have to understand that in this day and age, it is incomplete without involving the Online Marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?

It is nothing sensational but exactly what marketing is supposed to be. Listen to the customers, understand their questions and offer solutions.
All online marketing efforts that you put to promote your brand is digital marketing. The best online marketers are those who understand how to use the technology tools to promote their brands.

It is fueled with the content which is dispensed through various channels like Website, brand logo, blogs, articles, whitepapers submissions, social media channels, online brochures, etc.

Unlike the traditional marketing, analytics play a key role in the digital campaigns. Every marketing tool allows the marketer to monitor how the marketing campaigns are functioning allowing the marketers to evaluate and evolve.

Read through each of these below mentioned online marketing strategies, the way they function and how they help your business.


Search Engine Optimization

Most of the businesses have a website. Those who don’t are either developing one or are shutting down their business. Every website needs to be optimized to perform well. if done right,  SEO is a great investment for any business.
Optimizing the website involves both on the page and off page optimization.

On page Optimization : 

The on-page optimization is for the search engines where the spider robotics crawl through the content recognizing targeted Keywords mentioned in

1. Content including design
2. Title tags
3. Image Alts
4. Meta tags
5. Internal links
6. Schema Markup
7. Site Architecture
8. XML sitemaps

Off Page Optimization : 

With billions of web pages to crawl through, considering only the “on-page” optimization is not wise. Unlike the on-page optimization, the off-page ranking factors are not directly controlled by the publishers.

1. Press release and News distribution
2. Blogger outreach
3. Forum posting
4. Content syndication
5. Directories submission
6. Article submissions


Search Engine Marketing (Pay per click campaigns)

The Pay per click campaigns allows the marketers to publish textually and display advertisements to generate links on to their websites by paying to bid the necessary keywords.


Social Media Marketing

Through the social media channels, you get to publish the most relevant and compelling content on your social media properties to generate traffic to your website, mobile & web application, etc.

In one of our earlier write-ups, I discussed How to get started with the social media.

The social media campaigns can be categorized into three sections
1. Campaigns to increase the followers
2. Campaigns to promote the products and services
3. Organic posting.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is advertising someone one else’s products or services on your website or through your content (blogs/vlogs) for the commission on each sale.


Native Marketing

The advertisements that featured in your content (be it a blog or video messages) along with the other non-paid regular content is called native marketing.


Online PR

The online press release is publishing latest News of your business in relevant online publications. The practice is to secure the existing traffic while generating the online reach through blogs, digital publications, content based websites, etc.


Email Marketing

As the name suggests, it is one of the most effective marketing tools where the marketer engages with the prospects, existing customers, inactive subscribers, etc. with creative visuals and text messages.


What is inbound and outbound marketing?

The digital marketing includes the strategies called Pull and push or outbound and inbound marketing tactics.
The outbound marketing is putting the marketing message in front of as many online users as possible, regardless of the relevance.
You open any popular content based websites and you are flooded with these advertisements. The aim is to create the brand exposure and any kind of sale is an added advantage.

The inbound marketing, on the other hand, is a strategy where the marketers use the relevant content to attract, convert, close and delight the qualified customer.

If you have already started investing in the digital marketing, however small the amount is, then it is likely that you are already reaching a fraction of the qualified consumers. However, this is not the time to wet your toes but to dive deep into the digital marketing to unleash the full potential of your business.

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