Benefits of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry.

written By benerg digital marketing agency | April 17, 2018
healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fast-growing industries playing an enormous part in the economic growth of most developed as well as developing nations.
In India, healthcare has become one of the largest sectors in terms of revenue and employment with a market growth of US$ 100 billion in 2017 and likely to increase up to US$280 Billion by 2020. Indian healthcare industry is categorized into two major components – Public and Private. Public sectors are generally non-profit organizations such as government hospitals, Institutions, Healthcare units, general camps, etc while private sectors are the institutions or clinics run by a doctor or group of doctors on their own to maintain the health needs of individuals and populations in an exchange of minimal amount of money depending upon the nature of treatment.Not only hospitals and clinics but also various pharmaceutical development companies and medical equipment manufacturers come into the healthcare industry.

This article is to specify some important facts on how does a digital marketing system can help this vast growing industry in its day-to-day business.

We are a society driven by digital technology. Reports say that by 2020, consumers in India will manage 85% of their relationships without visiting the market. This is possible only because of the strength of Digital Marketing and its strategies.
In the healthcare industry, digital marketing can play a key role in communication, transactions, demand transparency as well as the performance of the organization. Though we might be slow using digital marketing strategies in India, most of the developed countries are using these digital marketing techniques to drive patients to their hospitals and clinics since 1980’s.
Following are some important digital marketing strategies which can help Healthcare Industries grow

Social Media Marketing–

Almost 80% of today’s population is connected to social media. Even a minute possible thing is being searched or verified on the internet nowadays.It is hence no wonder that the healthcare industry utilizes this to its benefit. Social media has a vast territory and research shows that 44% of patients who research hospitals on mobile phones, actually make appointments. Hence, through social media marketing, organizations can stay connected with the peoples and share their knowledge on health sciences and the facilities they have.

Targeting the Mobile –

Healthcare organizations can provide various schemes related information or medical extracurricular activities to their patients with the help of mobile marketing. Marketing through cell phones has become extremely popular in India nowadays and it’s a demanding way to convert leads into business. In a more theoretical manner, with the help of smartphones or tablets, patients will be able to search and book appointments as per convenience.

Blogging for attachments –

Blogging is yet another useful way to demonstrate yourself in front of patients. A user-friendly and informational blog along with a website can generate leads in a proficient manner. Patients always take comfort in searching information related to their health problems or surgeries they are going to undergo, in such cases if an organisation is continually keeping track of various health problems and their remedies and sharing some vital information on their blogs along with Q&A then no doubt it will grab attention of needy peoples which indirectly try to communicate back to the organisation. In short, blogging has the power of grabbing the attention of everyone.

Relevant emails –

Email marketing is similar to mobile marketing, having only a small change of quantity. The content you can share on emails is way bigger than SMS. Try to connect patients via newsletters on your website so that you can periodically send relevant emails to the patients. Healthcare industries should keep an eye on what peoples try to search on the internet related to their field, this will help then create a resourceful email and send to them before they go search on google. It’s the best way to keep patients happy as well as connected.

The bottom line is, it is imperative for every organization to have a website. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain. There are many other ways to keep the stone rolling in the vast world of social media. Only you need to be alert, organized and updated to achieve something.

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