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Why do you need Digital Marketing for your Business?

By benerg digital marketing agency
Digital Marketing for your Business
The journey of every successful business starts with a single idea which solves a question which was left unanswered. However, a business will never complete its full journey to become a big organisation if it continues to work within its ...

LinkedIn Connects with Microsoft for $26.2 billion

By benerg digital marketing agency
Microsoft acquired the professional social networking portal LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Three years ago, Microsoft bought Nokia Company for $7.9 billion. The acquisition was an attempt to foray into the mobile phone market which was dominated by the Apple and ...

IS snapchat developing a new API for business advertisements?

By benerg digital marketing agency
Snap chat
  Snapchat has over 100 million users worldwide. In India, about 10% of the internet and mobile device users use snapchat. Though the Indian digital savvy crowd is yet to catch up snap chat, it is likely that the application is ...

Facebook dumps web ad platform

By benerg digital marketing agency
facebook exchange
Facebook released an official statement stating that from November, the social networking site is closing down the desktop advertising platform called Facebook Exchange or FBX. The FBX, from November, will not be available for advertising and Facebook is now trying ...

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