How to Increase Brand Loyalty by using Social Media?

written By benerg digital marketing agency | July 27, 2017
Social media

For a successful social media marketing strategy, you need active, engaged, and loyal customers. Do not focus on the number of follower counts; what matters most here is a loyal customer base. There are a number of effective strategies that would help you increase brand loyalty by using social media.


So, why brand loyalty matters?


Makes your brand competitive

In today’s highly competitive world, it is hard to establish brand loyalty. Consumers have several options available making the competition for each brand tougher. You need to be creative and innovative every time to prove your worth. Also, social media follower count does not establish loyalty; an engaging and loyal customer base does so.

Interested Customers

A huge number of indifferent followers would not do any good to your brand apart from just adding a number to your social media profile. But, a limited number of loyal followers who are interested in your brand, follow your posts, talk about you, show interest in your products or services, post positive reviews on the same, share their concern and queries, are the people you need to establish your brand. Such people who can create meaningful conversations regarding your brand are the people who can add real value to your brand.


Your loyal social media followers are your brand’s biggest advocates. We still consider word-of-mouth as the most trusted source. And, these people would talk positively about your brand, recommend their peer group the same, and share their feedback which will automatically enhance your brand popularity and boost your conversion rate.


Now, we will learn how can we increase brand loyalty by using social media


You need to design a strong and innovative content and social media marketing strategy to be able to establish your brand in social media and attract loyal customers.

Create an effective social media marketing strategy

You can’t just follow your traditional sales, marketing, and PR strategies for your social media marketing plan as well. Social media marketing is beyond the simple acts of posting, advertising, lead generation, selling, and marketing. You need to structure a cohesive plan of PR, SEO, and link building as well as focus on prospect mining at the same time. Serve your customers something that they have been looking for. For example, you can post questions like ‘how can you add more value to your brand’ and then come up with a powerful answer so that people start trusting your brand. It is advisable to do some research on your competitors before you make a social movement.

Post valuable content

As has been rightly said, in the world of digital marketing, ‘content is the king’. Sharing valuable and useful content on the social media is an effective way of attracting loyal customers for your brand. People like to read good stuff. So, make your content informative and interesting and that will give you the best ROI you can expect in terms of likes, shares, comments, and click-throughs. Visual content gets noticed and shared in the social media networks so how you present your content, what format you choose is important. You have to make your content striking and pleasing to the eye; include infographics, videos, screenshots, graphs wherever possible but everything should be relevant to the context. Also, make sure your content is branded with your logo.

Interact and Interact

People like to interact; they want to talk to real people and not just robots and automated content. So, never sideline responding to your customer queries or feedbacks to your convenient time. Rather, make this a priority. It will build a relationship with your customers and they would start trusting your brand. This warm approach will make your customers come back to you over and over again. Talk about other related stuff apart from just your brands. If you like any particular sports or have anything to share on current affairs, talk about it with your customers. This will not make your profile monotonous and advertisement-centric. You can also strike a conversation on social causes to touch the sentimental chord of your customers. The more you interact the more you will know your customers and this will eventually help you in carving better marketing strategies.

Have your own style

You should maintain a strong personality in the virtual world along with consistency. By personality, we mean your pattern and approach. If you maintain a routine of posting content, replying to your customer queries, encourage discussions, etc., you should follow it consistently. You can also comment on people’s shares and blogs to build more familiarity among all.

With all the tips on various strategies and approaches, you are now well-equipped to run successful campaigns and increase brand loyalty by using social media. If you monitor your acts and work on them every day, you will outdo your set target every time. Consistency and constant evaluation are necessary for any successful marketing campaign.

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