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IS snapchat developing a new API for business advertisements?

By benerg digital marketing agency | June 15, 2016
Snap chat
  Snapchat has over 100 million users worldwide. In India, about 10% of the internet and mobile device users use snapchat. Though the Indian digital savvy crowd is yet to catch up snap chat, it is likely that the application is ...

Things to be considered in choosing the mobile application development tools

By benerg digital marketing agency | June 13, 2016
Mobile app
People, who prefer smart phones and tablets over personal computers and laptops are increasing significantly every year. The trend is likely to continue with technology becoming cheaper and easily available, particularly in the developing nations. Several trading companies have forayed ...

Facebook dumps web ad platform. Planning to go Mobile.

By benerg digital marketing agency | May 31, 2016
facebook exchange
Facebook released an official statement stating that from November, the social networking site is closing down the desktop advertising platform called Facebook Exchange or FBX. The FBX, from November, will not be available for advertising and Facebook is now trying ...

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