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written By benerg digital marketing agency | December 6, 2017
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High-quality content and proper search engine optimization are the two most important things which are needed for improving your site rank on the search platforms. It has always been found that content marketing strategy always affects search engine rankings. This is also why it’s important for SEO services to have an effective content marketing strategy in order to improve the overall performance of your site.

To explain in detail, how a content strategy can influence your site’s search rankings we have tried to elaborate the points listed below.

  • High content performance gives top Google position

Writing top quality content and improving your content performance helps in scoring top positions on Google or other search platforms. Google also has come with an update, which helps the search giant to recognize the top quality relevant content. Maintaining your site with top quality content regularly helps in getting a top place on Google, which helps in increasing the reach of your business.

  • Longevity of the content

How long should the content be? This is a common question asked by everyone in order to improve the search rankings. It has been seen that content of around 1400-2000 words is considered good for search rankings. The higher the word count is higher the ranking will be. However, it should also be noted that the content should be of great quality instead of quantity. If your content is focused on providing exact information or solving a problem, it will score more when it comes to search rankings.

  • What is content performance and how to improve it?

Content performance is the score which tells that how well content has been optimized by the use of words in that particular content. So, it’s important to optimize your content properly to improve your content performance.

The content performance metric is also helpful in recognizing whether content performing better or not. Optimization plays a key role here as well. Higher optimization not only improves your content performance but it also helps in improving your overall site performance and ranking.

All these things should always be kept in mind by the search engine optimization marketing company when it comes to content and its effects on search rankings.

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