How to Use Digital Marketing to Increase Admissions in International Schools

written By benerg digital marketing agency | March 2, 2018
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As the field of digital marketing is expanding rapidly, it has also become inevitable for the schools, which still are not able to find the power of marketing, to opt for digital marketing in order to boost and admissions.

Schools have always been highly cautious about digital marketing and very few have the special budget allocation for digital marketing. A large number of schools are unaware of the power of digital marketing in order to increase admissions. According to the statistics, there are more than 8,000 English-medium schools exists worldwide and 4.26 million students are getting an education from them. Overall, in the past decade, 320% surge has been recorded in the number of international schools across the globe.

However, not all these schools have an effective digital marketing plan. So, how we can build an effective marketing strategy for international schools digitally?

 The three fundamentals stages of digital marketing include,

  • Researching
  • Creating and executing marking strategies
  • Measuring, learning and evolving

Schools can effectively use the method of inbound marketing and produce quality content for the people in order to attract them in the form of leads. In a nutshell, people will come to you only if you have a proper solution for their queries. While there are lots of tips and ideas you can follow to make your marketing more serious, the three important aspects you just cannot ignore are discussed in detail below.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the internet is growing at incredible speed, it has also been found that today parents are using internet and search engines in order to find better schools for their children. Therefore, it has become tremendously important to have an effective presence on the web in the form of  the responsive website along with high-quality content with top performing keywords.

With the help of competitive keyword research, you may be able to find what exactly your targeted audience is looking for and how you can up differently to solve their queries. On top of it, SEO has also been highly effective when it comes to attracting and tracking the leads through search engines.

Making your website properly optimized help in keeping parents engaged and lowers down your website’s bounce rate, which carries a lot of importance.

  1. Content (Blogging, Articles etc.)

The second most important thing schools should keep in mind in order to increase parents engagement is producing high-quality content. Publishing blogs with quality content help in improving your loyalty to parents. The best example would be a headmaster’s blog. Publishing blogs on how to overcome examination fears before the exam explained with few tips and tricks can help in building a new relationship with your students as well as parents.

However, it’s one of the top priority to post blogs very often in order to maintain the relationship with the parents. More content is also helpful in increasing the visibility of schools on the digital platform.

These blog links can also perform as effective backlinks for the better authenticity of your website. Adding external links in the blogs as sources also help in building honesty and trust.

  1. Social media

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter has introduced the altogether different chapter today and has transformed every industry when it comes to marketing and spreading your brand.

Today, social media and the internet has provided the information they require at their fingertips. A number of social media platforms such as Facebook can be used to share information about your school in order to generate more traffic and propagate a word about your school.

Making school’s fan page enables to post everything about your school at one place. It could be event information, special announcement, event and program photos and videos. Apart from this, you can also use the advertising platforms of all these different social media outlets. This proves highly beneficial as it provides better conversion rate which can yield better business growth.

These are some of the important ways, which can be helpful in increasing admission in international schools with the help of digital marketing.

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