How E-mail marketing converts your leads into Clients

written By benerg digital marketing agency | September 12, 2017
E-mail marketing

Marketing efforts are considered as noteworthy when they turn leads into customers/clients. Most of the times, customers are not ready to purchase the product, but they are interested in the content which is relevant to the product.

For example: If you are selling a cosmetic product, customers may not show any curiosity in purchasing that product, but they may have interest in reading your articles related to beauty tips.
In a competitive world, marketers have to do more with less. The ultimate goal of the marketer is to convert leads into business i.e., converting potential customers into paying customers.

E-marketing (Email marketing) is considered as one of the oldest and powerful tools. Many marketing trends will come and go, but E-marketing will still remain the most advantageous strategy amongst all the other marketing strategies.

Why Email marketing?

Higher reach: We all know that social media marketing has become the most popular means to effectively reach a wider range of audience. A simple account creation on any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin; one need to log in with their email address. So, when it comes to reaching the prospects/ potential customers, there is no other effective channel other than email marketing as it is based on recipient’s behaviour.

Easy to target a particular group: With email marketing, one can target a particular group. On the contrary, Facebook posts and Linkedin posts are visible for everyone. But what is the reach? Is it reaching everyone? The quest for an answer to these questions keeps you in a perplexed state of mind. However, email marketing is considered as the assured communication channel with a wider reach.

Trusted mode of communication: Email is considered as the professional gateway to reach prospects/potential customers. Most of the audiences accept promotional offers and discounts through emails.

Drives conversions: Marketers are concerned with branding and lead conversions. According to the survey of monetate, it was found that4.24% of visitors from email marketing, 2.49% from search engines and 0.59% from social media, are buyers. This survey clearly depicts that email marketing is still the ruling factor for driving conversions. Best Email marketing campaigns should possess the following:

Concentrating on promotional offers: Email marketing is mostly used to attract customers with “can’t resist” offers. Promotional offers and discounts, tends to lure potential buyers and in turn converts those leads into customers.

These emails are sent to the subscribers who have signed up for information regarding the product. If Emails are sent regularly or on an alternate day basis, chances of those emails being pushed to spam increases.

Emails regarding promotional offers should be genuine in order maintain the reputation of the company.

Personalized emails: Customers respond better when receives a personalised email. It is a way to gain trust and build relationship with the potential customers.

These emails will have great influence on the customer’s buying behaviour. Personalised emails are often perceived as an offer provided by the company for loyal customers.

Genuine information: The promotional marketing campaigns should be genuine otherwise the reputation of the company will be at stake.
In order to prove that your business is a legitimate business, you need to provide an address, contact information along with operational hours where, if required, the customer can reach.


Build trust, reputation and generate more sales by integrating Email marketing for business promotion. Use best Email marketing tools to promote your business.

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