written By benerg digital marketing agency | July 24, 2017

Influencer marketing is on rave demand these days but only if you can play right. Contacting the influencers out of the network without any concrete purpose will be a waste of time; and, this is where the intersection with SEO pitches in. Therefore, for a higher success rate, you must reach out to an influencer with a purpose. Like it used to be during the evolution of text link ads, the immediacy and ability to connect with the right parties changed the entire industry; and such is the scenario with the influencers these days. You connect with the right person and then reap the benefits for a longer period of time. If you target the right blogger, you are getting links.

So basically, influencer marketing is primarily about finding the right people who have an audience, who have an influence, who have some kind of knowledge or opinion about the topic, and who have a strong network. If they start talking about a specific product or service in their community or discussion forum, then that has a positive impact. There’s nothing as the negative discussion; if they like a certain product or service they will talk good about it and if they don’t like it, they won’t say anything at all. You cannot bribe them to speak nice stuff for you.

Once you have figured out the right influencer, the right industry, and the right audience, the ROI is pretty awesome. You are all set. You will often see a lot of online brands popping up on various social media platforms, discussion forums, communities, and so on. They do not really care about a shelf life; all they want is to sell their products online and they are doing great in terms of that.

To start with, you need to have clarity on few points, such as:

  • What is my product all about?
  • Am I selling a product or a service?
  • Is it costly or cost-effective?
  • Do I have a high-profile target audience or am I targeting general customers?

We need to fill up this information to build our buyer persona. Once we have done that and gathered enough information on the people related to this, we filter them through different categories based on our existing data. Once you have the list of people, it’s time to find out what kind of social channels use. That way, you would know how to market your product to them if he is a buyer and how you can approach them for connection if he is a potential partner.

Then comes the theory of effective communication. Keep your conversation short and sweet be it a message or a tweet or anything like that. That ensures a higher success rate of response from people who do not know you. They should know from your first message itself why you are looking to connect with them.

You know the most important qualities you need to possess to be a great influencer include your ability to connect with the right people than with a huge number of people. If you have a niche, talk about it. Be the first one to break news on a subject, get equipped with in-depth knowledge on the subject, and try to be the most connected person in that network of people. People will automatically turn in to you although there are people who no matter what, do consider the size of the audience. We would advise that you launch yourself as an influencer once you have a minimum of 20,000 followers. Some people would be interested with that number only and some would not be interested anything under 2 million. But 20,000 followers is a decent figure to start with.

In influencer marketing, you have to streamline your products or services you are going to market among others. You can review the feedbacks you see on products or services related to your subject, their popularity, and reach before you decide to talk about them in your network. You may have different approaches and different types of audience in different social media platforms and it depends on you as an influencer as to which social media platform would be apt for which product category. It has become easier for influencers these days to choose their channel of marketing a product or service than it was before when things were mostly dependent on SEO.

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