How can Marketing Automation Drive Conversions?

written By benerg digital marketing agency | July 25, 2017
marketing automation

Crisp and process-oriented – that’s what defines marketing automation precisely. It allows you to automate and measure your marketing activities and campaigns. Marketing automation helps you create real-time and relationship-based approach towards your marketing initiative increases your efficiency and productivity level. It also ensures better lead generation and revenue earning possibilities.

There are three main reasons as to why you should consider marketing automation:

  • Ability to generate more and better leads
  • It is time-saving and has strong aptitude for big data analysis
  • It is predicted that the marketing automation software market will be worth $5.5 billion by the end of 2019

Now, let us see how marketing automation can help us drive email conversions:

Welcome email

A welcome email does not necessarily mean you are welcoming your potential customer to join you or subscribe your newsletter; it is a warm way of initiating a bond that may turn into a loyal relationship in the future. So, how do you compose a welcome email? Remember, your welcome email should create a positive impression on our subscriber. So, include information that would educate your subscriber about your product or services and most importantly how can they benefit from it. You need to create a connection between your product and your customer’s requirement for it. Also, guide them to the next steps they need to follow post subscription.


In your next email, you can add some unique features of your product or services and then in your third email, offer a free demo to keep the vibe going.

Automated follow-ups

It is a known fact that customers tend to forget what they showed interest on a few days back and here lies the capability of the marketer to bring him on board. You can do it by composing personalized follow-up emails and setting it on automatic mode for sending. You do not need to keep track of each and every email every day because you might miss out on things if you handle it manually. Automated follow-up emails help bring prospects back to you and thereby increase your number of leads.

Abandoned shopping carts

E-commerce businesses get tired of seeing customers adding items in carts and then forgetting them to glory. We all do that in fact. We add our favorite products in our shopping cart but never get ready to buy them at that moment. Automated emails will help you chase these customers by reminding them about their preferred products and asking them to take the next step. Sometimes, we forget that we have added some items in our cart and reminder emails actually lead to sales. As a marketer, you can send up to three emails with different subject lines to remind them to complete their order.

Emails on their Special Occasions

Who doesn’t want to feel pampered on their special days? If you wish anyone on their birthday or anniversary, you are already on your way of building a relationship with him/her. It has been noted that birthday and anniversary emails have a relatively higher transaction rate than flat promotional emails. You can add some value to your birthday or anniversary email by offering some incentives, such as free shipping or a special discount. Your customer will appreciate it. However, it is not possible to remember each of your customer’s birthday or anniversary date and send them email thereafter and here comes the awesomeness of marketing automation. You can create emails and set it on automatic sending and before you know whom you have wished, you may see a transaction hitting your sales bucket.

Product Suggestion

Your customer’s browsing data will inform you about his preferences and you can create a list of products similar to that which you may promote from time to time. At times, people like the suggested products more than their own choice so this is a useful activity. You can collect these data by doing surveys, tracking customer’s browsing behavior, recent purchases, shopping carts, and related items to know their interest. Automation will help you create personalized and targeted recommendations by using this behavioral data. Make sure you write creative subject lines while sending these emails.

You may have understood by now that marketing automation can be a game changer for your business. Starting from converting an interested candidate to a potential lead to turning them into your customer, automation has the capability to do it all. It will make your campaigns more result-oriented and systematic.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips. I’m a beginner and I’m using getresponse for my marketing automation. I’ll definitely try some of the things that you’ve mentioned here. Thanks!

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