Organic Search Remains Dominant Source for Web Traffic : Survey

written By benerg digital marketing agency | May 19, 2016
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The digital marketing intelligence firm “Similar Web” conducted a global survey in understanding how reliant are the e-commerce websites on the paid and organic search campaigns. The survey monitored the traffic generated by the paid campaigns as well as organic campaigns among the developed as well as fast developing economies. The purpose of the survey is used to understand the impact of the campaigns to generate the reliable traffic. This article discusses in depth what the survey has to say about the PPC campaigns and display ad campaigns and their contribution to the e-commerce websites.


At an average PPC search ads generate 2 qualified (approx. 1.97%) visits of every 100 visitors. Paid search campaigns bring about (3.75) 4 % of the visitors to the online shopping sites in India. Brazil’s online shopping sites are most reliant on the traffic generated through the Paid searches followed by India (3.75%) and France (3.04%).


India and Brazil, also are the top countries where the e-commerce websites get more traffic from the “Display ads”. India gets nearly 5 % (4.94%) followed by Brazil (3.79%) while the global average is only 1.32%.


5 sectors that compete with each other to direct the traffic to their online e-commerce through PPC and display ads are home interiors and gardening sites, Jewelry, clothing, and apparel, sporting with sporting sites being the crowd favorite.


Source: Similar Web Global Search Marketing Report 2016


When it comes to paid clicks in e-commerce, the online giant Amazon is the top keyword generating 51.5 million online views in the month of January alone. This is followed by the Olx in the classified sectors with about 12 million six hundred thousand paid visits globally followed by Walmart (about 9 million visits) and Groupon (7 million). Home depot which usually caters to home decor’s, gardening solutions etc. has generated 5.13 million clicks Has generated 5.13 million responses. Flipkart has about 5 million 6 hundred thousand visits.

The survey states that the fashion and the apparel industry mostly relies on the search. More than 39% of the global traffic came from the combination of organic and paid search visits. While the direct traffic is 33.66%, the referral traffic is approximately 18%. The social media had sent about 7% of the visitors to the online clothing stores. However, the organic search is responsible for over 90% of the traffic for the apparel industry while about 7% is the contribution of the paid search.



Source: Similar Web Global Search Marketing Report 2016


So, there you have it. The mix of paid and organic campaigns have helped many online stores find the qualified traffic. These are some of the many details discusses in the survey reports.


For a detailed study on the survey report click here. –

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