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Target shoppers with high-intent with intuitive and high-performing applications

Products or services; B to B or B to C is not a concern. We customise our strategies for your business. Your business requirement is our primary focus. We pick the application that fits your business. The top four organic search results get over half of more clicks compared to the rest of the pages.



The BenErg technical core has a variety of development methodologies and approaches to deliver the diverse E-commerce applications.



Identifying and planning

We build your E-commerce application to emulate your business idea. We identify your business goals and opportunities. We research the insights to understand who your ideal customers understand their lifestyles, online searches, buying patterns and motivates them to buy. We consider several aspects and initiate a process to build a system (within a stipulated time) that delivers the desired results


Planning Architecture

We develop a plan to organize the underlying infrastructure and application of a site. The plan is backed up by the insights and information required to meet your business goals and selecting modules that effectively perform and manage the information and data. The Architecture plan helps us decide what software to use, the scalability and reliability required by the application.


Selecting Development option

The BenErg’s expert development team is capable of delivering a fully functional responsive E-commerce website for your business in Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Our programmers develop the frameworks required for your EC solutions. Regardless of what option we chose for development, we will have to deploy the vendor software for activities like Image search, payment etc. We manage and work closely with the vendors ensuring your application’s best performance for the buyers.


Installation and Testing

We integrate the ordering system with the inventory database. Simultaneously, the installed modules undergo series of testing like Unit testing, Integration testing, usability testing and acceptance testing. Once all modules clear the testing, the application is deployed for your customer’s access. We monitor the performance of the application regularly ensuring it is resistant to changes and optimize it for the conversions strategies.


Managing and Updating

We deploy a project team to manage medium and large scale businesses for the vendor management. We collaborate with the right business partners. We evaluate the application and the third party software performances periodically.


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