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Everyone business does it, but only few get it right

Make most of your user data. Nurture your leads to be your brand ambassador and generate more leads. Our commitment goes beyond the first click. Trust BenErg to create compelling subject lines, content messages and consistent landing pages We focus on improving conversion rates while generating the reliable database.


E-mail Marketing

Launch a new product, promote a sale offer to the registered user, engage with the new prospects; e-mail marketing is a go to tool for all these engagements.



Setting up the target

Like many believe, Digital marketing is not a replacement for the traditional marketing but to work in tandem with the marketing and sales executives. BenErg does not believe in buying the data from the third party sources. Digital Marketing thrives on the data earned by the marketing and sales representatives. We work with your sales team and consolidate your customer data base.


Our objectives

Your values and ideas are of at most importance for us. We categorize the data based on the customer requirements and target each category with a customized strategy. The BenErg’s creative team identifies your needs and targets the customers in each category. We think beyond the first click and look to capture new leads, generate inquiry calls and drive the sales.


Email Designing and development

Trust BenErg’s web designers and development team to design your email templates to maximize your email marketing efforts. Our design experts in partnership with the content curators create creative elements embossed with targeted messages that encourage the users to click. We ensure every qualified customer who reads the mail registers your brand in their minds.



BenErg is a one stop shop for all your business needs. We understand the importance of A/B testing in the Email marketing campaigns. The BenErg’s testing includes the call to action, subject line, the message layout, Body test, Headline, Testimonials, closing test, images, offers, Scheduling the campaigns, personalized messages to the clients, etc. When we are shooting out an email campaign, our strategy is to generate favorable results.


Landing page design and modification

Target the high intent of shoppers who are motivated by BenErg’s creative emails by offering a landing page. We ensure that we modify the landing pages to be consistent with the E-mail messages, simultaneously optimized to inspire users to respond to the call for action.


Performance monitoring

We track the behavior of our potential customers in our data base. We further categorize our customer data base and create the templates accordingly for the future campaigns. We use the performance of the Email campaigns to create better E-mail marketing strategies for your business growth.


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