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Social Media Marketing

Unlike, the conventional digital marketing agencies, the social media geeks at BenErg understand the platforms thoroughly.



Data Scrutiny

At BenERg, the social media platforms are customized for your business. We use the data available to scrutinize which social media platform is best for your brand promotion. We conduct the thorough competitor analysis and research on the recent trends in your industry. We understand your growth expectations on the basis on your company history, analyze your current strategy and perform detailed competitor analysis. We add your recent initiatives to our strategy and explore the possibilities for the promotion.


Setting up profiles

We fine tune your profiles to appeal to the audiences. The data analysis helps us understand what clicks for your ideal customer and accordingly fine tune your social media profiles. The creative designers at BenErg take at most care from the profile cover images to ensure the profile page reflects the brand image. The goal is to create and engage your brand with the existing as well as potential customers.


Organic Posting

Communication is crucial for any social media engagement. The social media channels over the years have become more and more business centric. However, we do not negate the value of organic posting. We organically reach out to various relevant pages. We create pages on your behalf and engage with the audiences. These engagements help us understand the data and the behavior of our ideal buyer.


Content strategy

BenErg’s Social Media Marketing strategy has robust content strategy that involves engaging with the clients through various expressions. Our content includes giving tips, guides, spreading information through info-graphics, cartoons, videos, images, quotes, long and short stories and more.



BenErg is a place that nurtures creative and analytical thinking. BenErg helps you run successful and robust paid social media campaigns. We are a holistic Digital Marketing agency and testing team ensures all our ads are intuitive. Our Analysts ensure every ad is performing to generate the return on your investments.


Performance tracking and Review updates.

Every ad and post that we dispense is deeply critically analysed. We understand numbers and evaluate the performance of both the organic and paid posts. We spend time to observe when it is the ideal time to engage with audience. Our strategy is to focus on the minute details without missing out on objectives and improve regularly by bridging the gaps from one campaign to another.


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