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Maximize the performance of all your digital properties with our creative and unique UI/UX services. We know your visitors come from desktops, mobiles, tabs. Hence, our designs fit into multiple device screens. We design for performance. The focus is to optimize your digital properties to drive immediate action With BenErg’s UI/UX, convert the qualified shopper traffic to act beyond the first click.


UI/UX Design

There are about billion active websites. Hundreds of websites are launched across the world to engage and dispense information, not to mention the applications



Brand identity

Every brand is unique and has its own identity, including yours. We create a brand identity which stands out among the competitors despite having a similar business idea. We design the brand logo which emulates your business idea and your corporate identity the best.


Web designing

Your website is like a front door for your business. If you want to invite the qualified visitors, you will have to let them know that they are welcome. An intuitive website will make the new visitor’s experience comfortable and familiar.

Scaling down your website does not make the website mobile responsive. We tweak and optimize the designs to fit into the mobile screens without compromising on the UI/UE compliance.



The designers at BenErg rely on the data to get into the heads of the users and understand what motivates them to shop online. The BenErg’s UI/UX experts strategically develop the designs that leave a lasting impression on the potential buyers and convert them into loyal ones. Hence, the applications we have developed stay ahead of the game in the online business.


Web applications

BenErg creates the web applications for your customers. We offer a seamless experience for your application which is consistent with visual hierarchy, yet simple, with strategically placed typography. We are your technology partners who have a unique approach to transforming your business into a memorable application.


Mobile Application

Mobile application is where the smaller screens meet the short attention span. Every day, a new smartphone user is using a new application for the first time. Meaning, the UI/UX should help a new user understand without boring the experienced user. We understand what your customers want. We bring the same insight into our Mobile application design strategy.


E-mail Designs

E-mail marketing is effective, economical and target driven. Our design strategy solely depends on what you want your user to do. We can make your first meeting with your customer less awkward or help you reconcile with an old customer. We always look beyond the first click. Our E-mail designs inspire your users to click. However, we look beyond the first click. Welcome, your customers with a landing page which is consistent in its design and message driving the users to act.


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