How to Install Social Insights Inside Content ?

written By benerg digital marketing agency | July 24, 2017
Social insights

With the overwhelming amount of Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos being shared daily on the social media platforms, it is barely possible to filter through the right and required social data and insights. Thus, it is the marketer’s capability to analyze and capture the digital signals that the customers send across through the social media platforms and then deliver more relevant, personalized, and useful content pertaining to the user’s requirement. As a social marketer, you need to deliver what our customer is seeking and that is how you get people to your website or blog. Mundane topics or content have almost no value because people only look for that information which they need.

Social insights when infused into content increases its relevance for the customer. Leveraging social insights helps a business in making their content creation techniques stronger and building a connection with their customers. This will eventually result in an increased ROI and a better customer loyalty.

So how do you think a content marketer can use social insights to improve their content marketing strategies? Let’s see how.

Identify what’s trending on social media

It can be anything under the sun – starting from a game show to the headlines of breaking news; all you need to know is, what customers are gravitating in the social media. If you can infuse such trending social content on your posts, tweets, or any other social media content, you will garner an impressive engagement rate. You just have to connect very subtly. By keeping a note of what’s happening, businesses can create conversations and discussions and engage a group of potential customers in the same.

Record what happening on a local and global scale

Your social team should keep a track of what’s happening on a local and global scale and then inform the content marketing team so that they can create relevant and engaging content. Perhaps, the social team can brief about a location specific event that people are already talking about to their content team and then create content to attract readers. A social marketer should never make the content marketing strategy costly whereas he can make it quite cost-effective and the marketing campaign impactful by just keeping a track of the recent social insights and infuse them into content.

Make use of user-generated content from social channels 

People like to believe what they hear from others. Word-of-mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies today. If you could use the real, authentic experiences that your customer would post online, it would instantly create a brand reputation for your business. Marketers should incorporate the social insights into the content and flash them in their digital properties so as to engage their customers in the brand’s journey.

Incorporate Social Data into your Marketing Strategy

A social marketer should be able to use social data as a part of the broader marketing strategy rather than observing it in isolation. Social data is no more considered as a sideline subject given the fact the insights they offer about the customers and their preferred trending content. A marketer can glean trends to outdo their own content strategies and marketing campaigns if they have such social data with trending insights in their hand.

Always remember, customers, engage across multiple channels when it comes to making a purchase. Hence, it is advisable to remain networked and active on discussions and conversations in order to drive conversions.

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