Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

written By benerg digital marketing agency | January 11, 2018
Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media has its own significant importance in today’s highly digitized world. However, a large number of companies, still, do not think that social media marketing can reap good results for their business. Many companies fail to successfully incorporate effective social media marketing strategy into their business marketing plan and therefore unable to get any positive results.

It has been seen that companies do a lot of mistakes when it comes to social media marketing and it negatively impacts the whole business operation. So, what are some of the common social media marketing mistakes companies often do? Read on to know more about it in detail.

  • Absence of effective social media marketing plan

Like any other business planning, you should have a robust and effective plan for your social media marketing. Many companies, without any planning, start to post on social media platform as a part of their social media marketing plan. However, it fails to prove fruitful as there is a clear absence of effective social media planning.

It’s important to have an effective social media marketing plan with specific budgets and goals and a robust plan of action. You should also clearly know what you are trying to accomplish with your social media marketing strategy.

  • Following same plan for all social media platform

Another common but important mistake companies do is that they follow a same social media marketing plan for all the social media platforms. It should always be kept in mind that every social media platform works with its own custom audience, language as well as the type of content.

To counter this, it becomes mandatory for the businesses to learn how people are communicating on different social media platforms to make your participation count and to earn more leads.

  • No engagement in conversations

The next problem appears in what you post on our social media accounts and how it impacts the social media users. Your social media posts are of no use if they fail to engage people. It is important that your social media posts are getting circulated on the social media platforms through sharing. It’s highly recommended to check your social media strategy if you are unable to get social media reactions.

Apart from this, it is also important to encourage user conversation and response to the comments and queries on your posts posted by the users. Personable and friendly communication with the customer can always reap good results. Involving other departments of your company such as sales, customer service, billing as well as production help in getting more leads through social media strategy.

  • Only posting about yourself

You may see various companies posting only about themselves such as their events, products and projects on their social media pages. However, it should be kept in mind that users are not interested in the daily activities of your business.

Instead, posting about what the audience wants to read and hear makes a huge difference. Post a high-quality content which can generate the interest of the users. While creating and posting the content, always make sure that you are making it for your audience and grow your network further.

  • Having too many social media accounts

While it may appear that having many social media account would help in growing your business, it may also get highly difficult for you to manage all of them at one place. It may end up taking more resources and decrease your overall productivity. Managing too many social media accounts becomes even more difficult when you are having minimum marketing professionals to work.

SMEs, who, usually, don’t have resources to manage a large number of social media accounts, should focus on the strength of the best three, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Prioritizing your social media efforts helps in increasing your customer base and sales.

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