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written By benerg digital marketing agency | August 25, 2016
Google Duo

A week ago, Google has launched a new video calling application called “Google Duo”. The one to one video calling application was made available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Google, during the launch of the application, made a claim that unlike its contemporary mobile video calling platforms, Duo is built to be reliable and fast to connect. While the existing video call applications fail to connect on a slower connection, Duo diligently reduces the resolution quality and allows the video call to operate smoothly.


What makes the app simple? Well, to begin with, you are not required to create an account or provide any additional data once you have downloaded the app. To get started, sign up after filling few categories, pick a person of your choice in your phone’s contact list and video call them with a single tap.


The call failing is a frustrating experience and the Google claims it has answer for the same, provided if there is a network; its alright even if it is weaker. The intresting features is the application will shift from Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically.


The App comes with an awesome feature called “Knock Knock”. The feature allows you to see the live video of your friend who is calling even before you answer the call. You or your friends have 30 seconds to perform your absurdities or acrobats but after that, if the call remains unanswered, then the call gets disconnected.


The simplicity of Google Duo will make the app standout among the competitors. Only time will tell of the Snapchat, Skype and Face-time users shift to google Duo eventually.

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