Popular Trends of Digital Marketing for 2018

written By benerg digital marketing agency | November 22, 2017
Trends of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become one of the important tools for any product to increase its reach with the customer base. Since its emergence, it has been continuously evolved and increased its power even more due to various magnificent tools it has produced. As 2017 is on its verge of finishing, it’s important looking at various popular digital media trends we should be looking forward to in the year 2018.

We have listed some of the major digital media trends, which you should consider while building a digital media strategy for a product in 2018.


Even though it may not look like an amazing digital trend, the video has become one of the important factors in digital marketing for years. As the demand for video marketing is growing, in 2018 video is expected to play a key role in digital marketing. The largest video platform, YouTube helps in attracting a large number of views on the videos and raises engagement. Since its emergence, it has become a great and free advertising platform along with Facebook by providing various important features such as live streaming.

Personalized content

Advertising, in its initial days, was not concentrated on an individual and was made for masses. However, in the age of digital marketing, massive exposure of people to advertising has allowed the new feature called personalized content. This aspect has suddenly become tremendously important. Providing personalized content to the consumer according to their choices is important when it comes to looking forward to better digital marketing in the year 2018.

Emergence of chatbots

Instant responding and the feature of chatbots have been found to be helpful for lots of people due to increased growth of artificial intelligence. In the coming future, according to many experts, chatbots will be opted by a large number of industries. As the instant responses have become popular among the consumers, it will now depend on industries to make it even better with more development.

Search platforms

It is necessary to adapt to a lot of changes that are taking place in the search. Various new features have been added to search through the years. One such feature is voice search, which has become hugely popular. Very recently the search engine giant Google has again come up with another interesting feature, which can be helpful for the consumers. Google Lens, which is an enhanced version of Google Image search, is a new feature which is exclusive to Google Pixel 2 phones. All these things may play a huge role in transforming the digital marketing in coming years.

Investing in content creators

More investment in the area of content creators, which will be helpful in creating unique and high-quality content, which helps in retaining the customers. Unique content is an integral part of digital marketing and it will continue to be an important part of digital marketing in coming future.

These are some of the digital media trends in the field of digital marketing, which businesses will be looking forward to in the year 2018 to increase the reach of their products.

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