Important Benefits of Twitter Ads to Grow Your Business

written By benerg digital marketing agency | December 14, 2017
Twitter Ads

Since its inception, Twitter has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms thanks to its exclusivity of 240 characters limits. In terms of advertising and taking your business to the next level, Twitter has also proved itself quite helpful. Considering large reach of the biggest microblogging website on the internet, companies have started to invest in large amounts in Twitter Ads

There are a lot of benefits which you can get by investing in Twitter ads. To explain more in detail about various advantages of Twitter ads, we have provided some of the important points given below.

Some of the important benefits of Twitter ads are as follows,

  • Account promotion

One of the biggest advantages of Twitter ads is that helps in increasing the reach of your business by promoting your twitter account and flashing a “Follow” button in other users’ suggestions. This is highly helpful when it comes to building a good brand trust. Apart from this, it also helps in building consumer base as Twitter knows how to promote your business among potential something.

  • Pay for what really works

Another important benefit of Twitter ads is that you need to pay only for the promoted tweets which helped you in achieving your goal. This applies to each and every promotion on Twitter from app campaigns, follower campaign or tweet promotion. Although the same is also offered by other big social media platform, Facebook, when it comes to the generation of leads, Twitter plays a highly important role.

  • Targeting keywords

Twitters ads allow you to target people, who may carry interest in your product or service or who have interacted with the tweets you posted or used your hashtag in tweets. This is an amazing feature as no other social media platform allows you to go deeper when it comes to targeting people for leads generation.

  • Less advertisement competition

As Twitter has a capability of reaching to a comparatively small group of people than other Facebook and LinkedIn, it can prove as an amazing boon as you don’t have many people to compete with in terms of advertisement and still can end up getting better results. However, sometimes it can prove as a big threat too. 

  • Tailored audience feature

Using twitter ads, you can make your own tailored audience and specifically targets them. Using various third-party tools such as BirdSong Analytics you can actually download the list of followers of any twitter account. The feature is very much like Facebook Custom Audience. However, in Twitter ads, you can reach people quite easy as all you need to have is a twitter handle for a particular user.

These are some of the amazing twitter ads benefits, which can help you in growing your business further by increasing leads as well as sales.

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