How Will Video Marketing Increase Your Brand?

written By benerg digital marketing agency | December 5, 2017
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Videos have certainly become one of the best tools to increase the popularity of your brand through digital marketing. This is also a reason why a lot of video marketing services have started to use video content marketing.  There is no doubt that video content marketing is one of the most helpful tools that can be used to increase your brand reach.

But what are the things that make videos highly useful in content marketing? We have tried to explain it in details below.

There are few important things which make video a powerful tool in content marketing. These things are,

  • It helps in building trust

Creating videos helps in building trust and maintaining a long-term relationship with the consumers, which is important when it comes to video marketing for businesses. Through videos, you can provide useful information to the consumers or engage them in various activities. Making effective marketing videos not only helps in growing your business manifold but it also helps in building a relationship with your customers.

  • It improves search rankings

Videos are helpful in increasing engagement time on your website, which is helpful in building trust as your bounce rates get low. This, in turn, is helpful in improving your overall search rankings. You can use YouTube for displaying your videos, which also helps in improving your rankings on Google as former is already owned by the latter.

  • Good for mobile users

Since the emergence of mobiles, significant growth in mobile users have already been recorded. Statistics also show that people like to watch videos on mobile. So, to attract the growing number of mobile users, videos can be highly helpful. This way videos can help you in increasing your mobile reach and you can become the best social media marketing companies for your clients.

  • It encourages sharing on different social media platforms

It has also been found that all the social media platforms are already trying to add new video features to attract more people. A large number of internet users also share various attractive videos with strong content and this is helpful in increasing traffic to your site. This is also a reason various social media marketing services focus more on video marketing.

  • It boosts email campaigning

Making attractive videos and incorporating them into your promotional emails, which you send to your clients, helps in taking your email campaigning to the next level altogether. Incorporating videos in emails also increases the chances of client visiting it by more than 90%. This is also the reason video marketing agencies are focusing more video-rich email campaigning.

These are some of the reasons, which can be helpful in increasing your brand-reach through video marketing.

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