Website Analysis – Why is it so important for you

written By benerg digital marketing agency | January 5, 2017
Website analysis

Website Analysis – Why is it so important for you

Website analysis is what every website owner will do at some point of the time.
The raise of importance for the Search engine friendly website had made the website analysis an obligation.
It has become mandatory in today’s competitive market.
It will not only tell you whether the website is in a good condition or not, but will also give you deep insights about the repairs that need to be done to keep it running.


What data is needed in Website Analysis

1. The website/page rank in the search results
2. Total number of visitors-daily/monthly
3. Number of visitors that were generated from inbound links/advertisements
4. New visitors and bounce rate
This information will give you a clear picture about your website’s health.


Why is it important?

The reasons can be plenty as it is a broad aspect which cannot be confined to one or two uses. But to make you understand, following pointers may help you understand the advantages of the Website Analysis.


For Keyword optimisation

Even a best content writer or a digital analyst cannot give you accurate keywords that will work best for your business.

This needs lot of data retrieved from website analysis to understand if your content has wrong keywords or worse, no keywords.

To target your audience, usage of website analysis will tell you what will give you the best results. You can use this data and build the website around it.

Keep experimenting and check where your website is ranking while changing keywords.


For increasing traffic

End of the day, all your efforts are for getting loads of traffic to your website.
To achieve this, you need to know where the traffic is coming from.

Website analysis is important to understand where your traffic is coming from.
The analysis will tell you where you can make changes and increase the traffic volume.


For checking links

Good links may increase your lead generation, but bad links have the potential to demolish the website’s existence.

This is because; not only the website will confuse the visitor, but also divert them to other websites or irrelevant content.

Website analysis will let you check inbound and outbound links connected.


For organic content

Website analysis will give you an insight about unrelated content in your website.

It will also let you know if the content is according to the search engine optimisation or not.
The data will assist you in making changes to the content with the help of keywords and make it more organic.

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