Why SEO is an investment?

written By benerg digital marketing agency | January 11, 2017
SEO is an investment

The Search Engine optimization is often looked down upon by many of our prospects and clients.
When I meet my clients to discuss SEO for their business, the most common asked question is “When will I get my returns?”.

My reply to them is simple. SEO is the reason why I’m meeting them.

There is a reason why the heavy phone books are considered antique pieces today.

It is a branding strategy with about 200 parameters required to measure your rankings. The SEO signals are distributed as On page SEO and Off page SEO. On page SEO include the optimization technique we employ on our website while off page SEO are those that are done on the other websites and applications.

It allows the businesses to provide reliable and important information both on the website as well as on the other relevant platforms.
SEO is more relevant today as the search engines have become the most reliable source for the online users.


Permanent asset

Some marketing strategies are called investments, not because of the immediate returns. The objective of these strategies is to create a lasting impact on the internet users.

Publish a Search engine optimized blog or an article to generate quality backlinks to your website.
You get to tweak your old write-up to make it relevant to the current scenario. It will continue to send you the referral traffic to improve your domain authority.

The more traffic you have on your pages, chances are higher for generating business off the qualified traffic.
In short, your financial investments are temporary while the results are for an indefinite period of time.


Do not damage your brand with poor content

Your website may have amazing aesthetics to attract your visitors. However, search engine algorithms are blind to your visual efforts.

It is important to optimize your page with necessary keywords. The search engines crawl through the content. A well written informative and relevant content will help your website ranking.

Likewise, invest time in preparing the content to generate traffic through the backlinks. Invest time to create the intelligible, fresh and compelling content.

The Search engine optimisation includes creating original content (includes pictures, videos, infographics, etc.) that communicates your business idea to the users.
The good quality content will establish your brand identity firmly among your online qualified customers.


Online reputation Management

You work towards personalizing a particular tone and identity for your brand’s online presence. It is needless to say that not everyone agrees with what you may have to say.

When you are publishing several numbers of articles/ blogs, it is only a matter of time that someone would be unhappy about what you may have published. A negative comment spreads faster than the positive one. SEO helps you recover from such negative content on your post.

The online reputation management matters more today than you might realise. You can use the SEO to tell your side of the story in your own words. Use the negative comment to build your brand.

You can establish your brand’s credibility and strengthen the trust by showing how responsible you are towards your business.

The ORM includes search engine optimized press releases which are economical, fast to reach with great potential to generate quality traffic.


Leave your competitors behind

If you can get it right, SEO is not expensive. The success of your strategies depends on your competitor’s online presence.

However, if you belong to the industry where the online presence is limited, SEO is a must have to you will reach the top rankings easily. At the same time if you belong to the industry where your competitors are actively investing in the online strategies, then you need to invest it to outsmart the competitors.

Unlike other strategies, the Search engine optimization takes time and patience. It is one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to outmanoeuver your competitors.

In conclusion, Search engine optimization is an important investment because it affects your online marketing efforts in multiple ways. You may have to consistently persist for the returns.

However, once you have reached the top, it will pay you many times over the investment.

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